Monday, March 9, 2009

FIFO at Dinasaur Ridge / Matthew Winters

Been too busy to post anything new, here goes:

Last week was good week for FIFO rides. Got 3 in - Chimney Gulch, Apex/Enchanted Forest, and White Ranch. Good stuff, here is the track from White Ranch.

A couple of pics that andychrysler took of me during the ride -

Had another good FIFO ride at Dinasaur Ridge/Matthew Winters this morning with PBR me, mountaingoatepics, and danoinred.

Found this great video of ride footage on the Hogback (Dinasaur Ridge). Gives you a real perspective of the trail. Whole nuther perspective in the dark!

Here is another. The front tire appears to be floating at times.

Some mad skills to be had here -


  1. Good rides!! Glad i could make it! which one was you in the vids? ;)

  2. Good moves, excelent music.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with all of your dedicated followers! I love the videos and the music was also very good! Will post about it on my social media platforms