Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some changes are a coming

Hello all. Yes I am still here, still building lights. Haven't had a classified ad on MTBR for months but people are still finding me. Didn't realize that I did not have my email on my blog, OOPS. I will fix that right now.

So here is the story, I am not taking any orders at the moment, going to take a few weeks off and catch my breath. Got a few new offerings brewing in my head.

Keep an eye on my blog in the next couple of weeks for some new things.

Was able to finally get for a 5am before work ride last week, had been about a month. Here is a short video of the downhill from the top of Apex. 27 degrees at the start and 22 degrees when we got back to the cars.

No this one is not me, just too good not to post up

Thank you sir can I have another!