Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Amoeba - rockin' the darkside!

Well, I thought I had better update the blog (finally). Been just lettting it run with the card photos for a while, been getting some good hits. Been doing some good spring riding. Benn out to Buffalo Creek for a couple of PBR me!'s Thursday night rides (death marches). Usually end up being around 25 miles with about 3000' of vertical, 4 hours of riding. Also been doing some regular FIFO rides at 5:00 am. Been getting alot of rain on the weekends, I am ready for summer.

After a full holiday weekend of rain, Tuesday morning I woke up and headed out for a 5:00 am ride by myself in the steady drizzle. These are some of my favorite rides! Played around with the camera a little too.

The view before down. You have to careful about smiling too big on the downhill as you will have a mouthful of dirt by the time you get to the car. About 45 minutes of steady climbing and about 10 minutes down too the car!

Here are a couple of photos of me and Dano playing around at Red Rocks before work about a week ago. Great way to start the day.

Some other photos from this rainy weekend. Thought all of the green grass would make a good background.